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The Trump Tripartite

Much like living in America in a post 9/11 world, living in in the aftermath of the Decembrist revolt brought a certain paranoia to the Russian regime. So deep was the neurosis that in 1833 Sergey Uvarov-the Minister of Education of Russia-presented the following statement of ideology:
"It is our common obligation to ensure that the education of the people be conducted, according to Supreme intention of our August Monarch, in the joint spirit of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality. I am convinced that every professor and teacher, being permeated by one and the same feeling of devotion to the throne and fatherland, will use all his resources to become a worthy tool for the government and to earn its complete confidence." Thus began The Triad of Official Nationality (Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality). Although it is understood that interpretations of the Trinity are different than they were in the 19th century, commonalities still exist. In fact, so common are the core …

Welcome to Rodionovsky

The sprawling grounds of Rodionovsky Institute—Institute de Demmlsellesor Institute for Daughters of Noblemen—included a garden lined with old linden trees and a nearby ravine the girls found too eerie to investigate. Nonetheless, Vera Figner enjoyed walking the garden on pleasant summer days, a nice reprieve from the cloistered environment of the classroom. After all, it was by design that young ladies were kept “like hot-house plants,” cut-off from family and outside influence.[1] With the traditional bully battle cry of “keep the masses uninformed,” educational institutions of Imperial Russia regularly omitted writings of literary intellectuals like Vissarion Belinsky and Nikolay Nekrasov.

To make matters worse, courses at Rodionovsky were grossly inadequate. How is it, Vera wondered, that a professor’s lessons on zoology do not include an anatomical model? Or that botany class failed to make use of a microscope? Perhaps the answer to these questions is best explained by the …

The Cost of a Hangman in Tsarist Russia

The Photograph